Thursday, March 24, 2005

Parenting Coordination - An Update.

The Florida Supreme Court Parenting Coordination Workgroup submitted to Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Pariente a proposed Model Parenting Coordination Administrative Order, including a model order of referral, and a guide for parenting coordination training.

This workgroup was appointed by Chief Justice Pariente to “develop a model administrative order and appropriate strategy regarding parenting coordinators” and “address the various legal and due process concerns associated with the use of parenting coordinators and propose recommendations ... to protect parents’ rights and the best interests of children.” The Workgroup also reviewed the concerns expressed by Governor Bush when he vetoed the Parenting Coordination Bill which was adopted in the 2004 Legislative Session [SB 2640] and reviewed the Senate Interim report on Parenting Coordination and Domestic Violence.

One of the requirements to become a parenting coordinator is to complete the 40 hour Family Mediation Certification Training program.

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