Friday, April 22, 2005

“I’m a Certified Mediator in Florida – Is That Useful in 49 Other States?”

The answer is a definite maybe! Okay, you now live in Florida and someone, while you’re in Florida, asks you where you’re from, you reply “New York, Tennessee, California, etc., etc., etc.” [unless you were born here then you’re from Florida, right?]; now, let’s say you live in Florida and are on vacation in Oregon and someone asks you where you’re from, you reply “Florida” – why is that? Does anyone care? Probably not but it’s a nice introduction to the next paragraph!

Anyway, now that you’re a Mediator certified by the Supreme Court of Florida, is this certification transportable to any other state? Maybe! Here’s a link to a study from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock that was done in 2002 which may answer the question. Although it was done a few years ago, there are links to each of the relevant web locations in the states listed. So, if you’re thinking of moving from Florida and want to mediate in your new “Home State”, then . . . .

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