Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Here’s Florida Legislation You’ll Want To Follow!

The 2006 session of the Florida Legislature will convene March 7th. House Bill 7019 , a bill relating to mediation, was filed January 23, 2006 by the Civil Justice Committee.

In 2005, family court references in the statutes were changed to references to the unified family court model; however, mediation law was not correspondingly changed. This bill redefines mediation in Chapter 44, F.S., to provide for mediation in the unified family court. It reflects the changes created by the passage in 2005 of s. 25.375, F.S., which created the unified family court system and amends s. 44.1011, F.S., to create a definition for “unified family court mediation”. It also makes other technical and corrective changes to mediation law.

A sponsor in the Senate is expected.

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