Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New Parental Relocation With A Child Statute Impacts Family Mediation!

Yesterday, Florida’s Governor approved Senate Bill 2184 relating to parental relocation with a child. It becomes Chapter 2006-245, Florida Statutes and has an effective date of October 1, 2006. The law creates F.S. 61.13001 within Florida’s Dissolution of Marriage statute. Among other things, it provides factors to be used to determine contested relocation, provides for notification of certain persons of intent to relocate a child and provides procedures therefor. Additionally, it requires that certain information be provided on a Notice of Intent to Relocate.

F.S. 61.13001(1) provides definitions [a cornucopia of thought provoking information] while F.S. 61.13001(2) establishes the criteria parents, who sign a written agreement to relocate a child’s principal residence, must satisfy in order to meet the requirements of the new law. As you read the statute, pay particular attention to the terminology.

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