Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nat Fein – Mediator!

Who?!? This 1949 Pulitzer Prize winning photograph of Babe Ruth [“Babe Bows Out” taken June 13, 1948] is a fabulous picture – why – because it was taken from the back instead of from the front like thousands of other pictures! The photographer, Nat Fein, thought outside the box – thought and saw differently than others – i.e. from different angles [well, he could have been a mediator – don’t you think?].

According to this article in The National Law Journal, civil actions ending in creative settlements that do more than put money into the pockets of plaintiffs and their lawyers are unusual BUT [and you know what that means] they are increasing – try charitable donations, tax breaks, defendants instituting safety programs, apologies – just to name a few imaginative ideas for settlements. Hey, how about that?!!? The power of self-determination – simply amazing!

It’s not always just about the money! Really – it’s not!

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