Sunday, August 17, 2008

Soon It Costs More!

On June 30, 2008 Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice R. Fred Lewis, as one of his final acts as Chief Justice, entered Administrative Order AOSC08-23 In Re: Procedures Governing Certification of Mediators.

The Administrative Order includes several important substantive changes including:

  • New language clarifying mentorship timing: “A trainee shall not fulfill any of the mentorship requirements before beginning the certified mediation training program which will be used for the pending application.” [page 6]

  • New fees effective January 1, 2009 [page 9].

  • Review of staff denials for certification or renewal will be made by a 3 person subcommittee of the ADR Rules and Policy Committee which will make a recommendation to the full Committee and the Committee's decision shall be final. [pages 9 -10]

  • A new way to complete CME: “Successfully completing a self-directed program that is qualified for continuing education credit by a governmental licensing board.” [page 12] [A good example would be nurses.]

It would be worthwhile to read the entire Administrative Order!

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