Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Welcome to Florida Mediator

Welcome to Florida Mediator - Florida's first mediator weblog!

This web log began on November 10, 2004. Inspired by other blogs, Florida Mediator focuses on issues of interest to Florida's Certified Mediators. Generally, Florida Mediator will address, with some commentary, significant issues, noteworthy court opinions, legislation, court rules [proposed and approved], and ethical opinions which impact the practice of mediation in Florida. Periodically Florida Mediator will also identify news and related items of interest relating to the practice of mediation in Florida.

While this site will naturally appeal more to Certified Florida Mediators and those seeking information about Florida's mediator certification protocol, the items posted and discussed will hopefully be of value to anyone, from anywhere.

Florida Mediator is a personal site, designed and maintained by me for my enjoyment and yours. All discussion of legal issues on this site is general commentary only and is not legal advice. Please do not expect the creation of an attorney-client relationship. You can contact me by clicking on my name below any of my posts, and, again, please do not expect any email sent to me or to Florida Mediator to create an attorney-client relationship.

You are welcome to send tips, thoughts, references, and stories that might be added, or just to say hello!

Finally, let me emphasize: This is a personal web site offering commentary, not legal advice; for legal advice, please consult with an attorney specifically for that purpose. All statements published on, or referenced by, this site should be attributed solely to the individual who originally made them and not to anyone else.

Perry S. Itkin