Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Clarence Darrow And Mediation

Almost 70 years ago, in May, 1936, Clarence Darrow wrote an article for Esquire Magazine entitled How to Pick a Jury.

He concluded with:

“When lawyers and courts, and laymen, accept the scientific theory which the physicians forced upon the world long years ago, then men will examine each so-called delinquency until they discover its cause, and then learn how to remove the cause. This requires sympathy, humanity, love of one’s fellow-man, and a strong faith in the power of knowledge and experience to conquer the maladies of men. The forum of the lawyers may then grow smaller, the courthouse may lose its spell, but the world will profit a thousand fold by a kindlier and more understanding relation toward all humankind.”

After reading the article, don’t you think he was actually making an argument in favor of mediation?

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