Thursday, September 07, 2006

“Make Up Your Mind!”

Did you ever wonder what the ingredients of the “right decision” are? Okay . . . well, just in case you did you’ll find some answers in this interview with Luda Kopeikina in MITSloan Management Review. For starters [and you should read the interview], here are three elements:

1. Identify the best decision-making process [how about mediation?!?].

2. Analyze the best data you can find.

3. Aim for a state of clarity – reflect on the problem until you feel absolutely clear and aligned with the particular decision you make.

Do you think mediation parties incorporate these elements “in reaching informed and voluntary decisions” [does this sound at all familiar? Think self-determination.]? This should ring a bell with you. Remember Florida’s Rules for Certified and Court-Appointed Mediators, Rule 10.310(a) Self-Determination:

(a) Decision-making. Decisions made during a mediation are to be made by the parties. A mediator shall not make substantive decisions for any party. A mediator is responsible for assisting the parties in reaching informed and voluntary decisions while protecting their right of self-determination. [Emphasis added.]

Whoa! It’s our responsibility to preserve party self-determination; I believe we need to wonder about the above ingredients and the other concepts revealed in the interview. Don’t you?

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